We had a great time photographing Casey at the studio and at Wendy’s Field. He’s a great guy and Ric really captured the athlete in him.

Klaboe_1 Klaboe_2 Klaboe_3 Klaboe_4

Had a great time shooting Jacob’s senior portraits. For part of the shoot, we went to the airport and photographed Jacob with the plane that his dad flies. A storm came up and provided us with some dramatic backgrounds. We got some awesome shots.

Saunders_1 Saunders_2 Saunders_3 Saunders_4 Saunders_5 Saunders_6 Saunders_7

Lucy and Daisy are beautiful golden retrievers and really showed us their unique personalities during the photoshoot!

Sara Dogs-249_20x30 QuickMats4





We had a great photo shoot with Zac on the Rims this week. His mom came along – she was a hoot and really helped out.  Zac was tons of fun and posed for some pretty goofy shots! We also got some fantastic senior portrait images with the Rims in the background.  Zac is a senior at Laurel High School and came in last week for awesome studio portraits.

Allen, Zac_Rims-264 Allen, Zac_LHS-149_filter_3

This family had so much fun celebrating a 1st birthday!

Kelly, Jaynee-481_2 Kelly, Jaynee-448_2 Kelly, Jaynee-430_2 Kelly, Jaynee-395_2 Kelly, Jaynee-347_edges Kelly, Jaynee-299_2 Kelly, Jaynee-216 Kelly, Jaynee-175

We were at Skyview for the wrestling banquet last night and enjoyed seeing the kids and their parents. We displayed many of the photos and posters that Ric had created throughout the season and everyone loved looking at all the action. Congratulations to the Skyview Falcons Wrestling team for an awesome season!

2014 SKY Banq-121 2014 SKY Banq-126 2014 SKY Banq-131 2014 SKY Banq-142 2014 SKY Banq-145 2014 SKY Banq-149 2014 SKY Banq-158 Wrestling 1 Wrestling 2

Business promotion

Just in time for your holiday shopping, ZPD has gift cards for that person on your list who would love an awesome family or engagement portrait, or even a senior who can’t get enough wallets! No guessing on the correct size and no wrapping! It’s the perfect gift.

ZPD Christmas card

We have had lots of fun photographing the families this summer. We are fortunate to meet such nice families and have an opportunity to work with them. We’ve done many families of our Zimmerman’s seniors and families getting together this summer for an anniversary/birthday celebration.  Family is so important in all our lives and these portraits will be treasured forever.

Slevira Family-108 Cullen Family-108 Frieders Family-213 Howie Family-165 Schmaltz Family-138Ronquillo Fam-110_20x24

If you were in Billings on Saturday night, you witnessed one powerful storm! We live in Alkali Creek and the storm caused a lot of damage in our neighborhood. There were many people cleaning up with Bobcats and some with rakes or wet/day vacuums. In any case, there was plenty of work to go around. We personally would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Mike and Andy Meyer for their help on Sunday getting wet carpet padding up and out of our basement and Sheldon Wolf for building a new driveway for us (again) and removing some of the dirt the storm left in our front yard. What a blessing to have such kind and generous friends.


9-7-13 Storm-184 9-7-13 Storm-161 9-7-13 Storm-182  9-7-13 Storm-171

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